USB Charged Electronic Creative Cigarette Box Holder

Smoker but no lighter? Did you know that you can buy Cigarette Box Holder with windproof flame? This blog will make you stand out!

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Man that is smoking on the staircase case cigarettes 
Cigarette Box Holder
Smoking on the staircase

Do you know that feeling when you want to have a cigarette but the lighter seems to run away from you? Yeah….yeah… you remembered. It’s annoying, right? Now exists a different solution that I can’t wait to try. Recently I found on Aliexpress Cigarette Box Holder with windproof flame. Fundamentally a lighter in a cigarette package is the item for today.

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Details only for smokers

It’s a product from 2019, so it’s brand new that comes in 3 colors: black, gold and silver by FOCUS.

As the title says this case can be charged on USB and it can hold 20 pcs of cigarettes. To be even more practical the cigarette case and the lighter can be separated but also assembled. A nice feature is a fact that your cigarettes will be protected against accidental water spills because the case is made from a special plastic alloy.

Now it’s time to explain the wow- factor because this product is not just a case, it’s the case with cigarettes and with a USB power plug. It looks amazing, feels amazing and people would definitely ask “What you have there?” Long story short, it’s a product that definitely you will stand out from the crowd. Look for a video review here.

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