Umidigi One Max 4150 mAh Battery

UMIDIGI One Max Global Version 4GB 128GB 6.3″ Waterdrop Full-Screen 4150mAh Dual Camera Smartphone NFC Wireless Charging Face ID

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writing messages with a smartphone

Umidigi One Max is a powerful phone that is for the budget. This phone is simply smart, sharp and fast. Has advanced in cel technology, 128 GB DDR4x, a good camera for photos because the rear one has 12+5MP and the selfie camera 16MP in this way when you capture a photo you are sure that you stopped time.

It’s very important to specify that this phone comes with a side fingerprint and not on the back that is pretty accurate and with face ID. All that raised the quality of the phone… but wait I have something more, the phone also has fast charging and wireless charging. That’s so super cool!

Of course, we need to talk about the battery – 4150 mAh, that’s huge considering the price and what powers this device is Helio P23(MT6763) Octa-Core, 2.0GHz with the OS is Android 8.1.

Cashless life with secure NFC because Umidigi One Max is equipped with Functional NFC where Android pay one payment vehicle can be used.

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Customer reviews and price

Customer reviews are 381 with 78% 5-star rate, that is actually a very good rate. People that bought the product are simply impressed with the quality of the device and can’t simply compare it with something similar. One of the customers says:
“excellent equipment in relation to the price, a mid-range smartphone-high at an affordable price! Slightly heavier compared to other brands. As the description includes a clear silicon case and a pre-installed screen protector. I highly recommend the seller, this is the 5th team I bought you and no problem. Shipped by DHL” and onether one:
” Just like the published. Highly recommended “

Read more what people say about this product here.

The phone comes from the aliexpress website. Right now the phone can be found with a price of 164.99$. The US customers will get also a coupon so the price will be lowered also.

Umidigi One Max Video Review

Umidigi One Max Video Review

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USB Charged Electronic Creative Cigarette Box Holder

Smoker but no lighter? Did you know that you can buy Cigarette Box Holder with windproof flame? This blog will make you stand out!

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Man that is smoking on the staircase case cigarettes 
Cigarette Box Holder
Smoking on the staircase

Do you know that feeling when you want to have a cigarette but the lighter seems to run away from you? Yeah….yeah… you remembered. It’s annoying, right? Now exists a different solution that I can’t wait to try. Recently I found on Aliexpress Cigarette Box Holder with windproof flame. Fundamentally a lighter in a cigarette package is the item for today.

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Details only for smokers

It’s a product from 2019, so it’s brand new that comes in 3 colors: black, gold and silver by FOCUS.

As the title says this case can be charged on USB and it can hold 20 pcs of cigarettes. To be even more practical the cigarette case and the lighter can be separated but also assembled. A nice feature is a fact that your cigarettes will be protected against accidental water spills because the case is made from a special plastic alloy.

Now it’s time to explain the wow- factor because this product is not just a case, it’s the case with cigarettes and with a USB power plug. It looks amazing, feels amazing and people would definitely ask “What you have there?” Long story short, it’s a product that definitely you will stand out from the crowd. Look for a video review here.

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Ice skull cubes perfect for whiskey

You can make your drink great by using an ice cubs skull. This blog will show you how!

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ice drink coffee
Ice cubs

The internet is full of items that are super interesting. Recently I discovered this mold for making ice cubes name Creative Home 4-Dimensional Skull Ice Tray. What do you like to drink with ice? Let your imagination wander because now you will have a new item that will impress your audience and your friends.

This mold is a party one because is a baking one that being said you can make skull forms for biscuits, puddings, cakes, mousse, jellies, prepared foods, chocolates, etc. can be used.

It’s simple to use and my favorite part is the fact that you can make ice cubes in a skull shape that I can add in my favorite drink.

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Product description and customer review

The product comes with a tray of 4 so you can make 4 skulls and they have around 5 cm in height. The material is silicone and the color comes dark. It will arrive at your address in one single package.

Skull shaped 3d ice cubes

The reviews are 63 with 87% giving a 5 star! That’s super cool. All the people that orders explain the fact that the product was nicely packed and arrived relatively quickly and it looks perfect and what is in the picture this is also what they received. And of course, the WOW- FACTOR when the skull is ready is also amazing.

Read what customers said here.

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Waterproof and Shockproof smartphone under 100$

Did you hear about Cubot? A.K.A KingKong is a waterproof and shockproof smartphone that can be bought under 100 dollars.

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Smartphone in the rain

Cubot KingKong IP68 Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof MT6580 Quad Core 4400mAh 5.0″Android 7.0 Cellular 2G RAM 16G ROM Smartphone because that’s the full name is a smartphone that is assimilated as KingKong.

Cubot KingKong has a waterproof level of IP68 which means is not just anti-spray but can deal with rainy conditions even when you are washing in the shower or swimming

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You keep on walking on a sandy environment, as an outdoor phone has a dust-proof ability because of using a special material it has come to the top leading level to prevent the sand from invading the screen even if the environment is bad.

Specs and details about Cubot King Kong smartphone

According to the manufacturer, it can stand 1 tone pressure. Also is the phone is workable between this temperature -35 and +60 (Celcius). For that is equipt with a 5-inch hard glass screen. The battery is also a little monster because has 4400 mAH. But because it’s a smartphone you get 8MP front camera and 13MP rear camera with HD video recording. Cool right? All that possible with 1.3 quad-core GPU 2GB of ram and 16GB internal storage.

This product comes with professional GPS navigation and android 7.0 with no ADS.

I encourage you to see this full review on video that is testing the phone on limits by being run over by a car and drop from the staircase here!

Let’s be honest: this phone is for a person that gets things done in a heavy environment or tends to drop every single smartphone every single day. Joke aside it’s a pretty good deal under 100$.

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5$ Smartwatch that can be bought online

smartwatch at the wrist of a driver

Smartwatch that can be bought online with 5$ that has a tremendous amount of potential. Heart rate, blood pressure all with one watch. Cool right?

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I can tell you! I hear many, many people that is a waste of money to buy a smartwatch. The way I see it, unfortunately, these guys they simply don’t understand what is the purpose of a smartwatch and what is capable of doing.

Probably who is going to read this blog will read to understand how to buy a cheap smartwatch. But I can tell, really there is also a different category that is interested in this particular article as an article, nothing more. What I will go do – is presenting what a smartwatch has, what his capabilities are and if it fits your lifestyle.

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What I bought recently is a smartwatch form AlieExpress that cost me 5$. The name is so super crazy but this is the one:
M3 Plus Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Blood Pressure Health Waterproof Smart Watch M3 Pro Bluetooth Watch Wristband Fitness Tracker Customer reviews are simply outstanding also! Check that here!

Advantages of Having a Smartwatch

  1. Essentially you have a travel partner with you. Some of the smartwatches can deliver vibration to the wrist for attention or like I use as a reminder for a particular break of the employees.
  2. A smartwatch will not tell only the time. It’s so much more than that. Let’s just say you need to find your phone? Guess what having a smartwatch will definitely accomplish this endeavor.
  3. Fitness couch! Yes. People are doing exercise, running, get things done all day, counting their steps and a lot more. This is training. These are statistics because a smartwatch can generate a lot of data regarding heart rate and blood pressure.
  4. Social Media and Phone connectivity. All your social media updates, all your e-mails or calls can be controlled via your smartwatch. Simple right? All that at one click connectivity via Bluetooth.
  5. Many manufacturers, low prices. Because the competition is pretty high this sector actually has very low prices. Check some of them here.

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Why Wireless Bluetooth Earphone?

Incredible sound, no wires, and stylish earphones. This is the subject for today wireless Bluetooth earphones! Keep reading!

wireless Bluetooth earphone
 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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I’m pretty sure if you are on this page you are interested in buying your own earphones. Correct? Who doesn’t listen to music these days? I can’t live without my headphones because I listen every day to my youtube premium playlist when I go to work when I’m biking and a lot of different activities because I want to be positively recharged and in action. I’m telling you the truth is not simply the same without it. I want to mention the fact that I’m a bit tired of having that wire, literally. Sometimes it can hang stupidly or sometimes can give a lot of trouble depending on the clothes that you are wearing. It must be a different solution, it must be a light solution. Remember: I also don’t want to spend a fortune on a headphone but I want a clear sound and guess what I found: Wireless Bluetooth Earphone – that actually does the job.

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Details, price, and reviews

Today I will talk about Original i12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Sports Sweatproof from Alie that is actually amazing with the best quality/price ratio that I saw on the market. They are just simply cute, small and light and easy to carry around and of course wireless charging and pop up on Windows.

The price is… (drum sound) between 12.99 and 15.00$ with 50%disscount and a bit more expensive if the price is in euros. What is really important to know at this product is the fact that the seller has a very good policy on delivering that means if you don’t get your product on a specific date you will get 100% refund and of course, you will keep your product.

As for reviews – people love it. There are over 70 reviews with 96% 5-star rating and 740 orders. Customers that received the product says that is the best buy ever so far made, that arrived quickly and is nicely packed.

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Leave a comment with the type of music that you listen to! Don’t forget you are an amazing being! 🙂

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H9 Ultra HD Action Camera Waterproof

Would not bet great to have an HD camera that is also waterproof but with a reasonable price?

action camera waterproof

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No matter what you are doing with the camera or with a gadget none the less is super smart to have it waterproof. Online you can buy a lot of products, true, however, is a bit tricky to find the best quality/price range. This blog will talk about H9 Ultra HD Action Camera Waterproof that you definitely can buy from Alie.

H9 4K Ultra HD Action Camera has 12 MP and a very wide angle. A couple of main features:

  • 2.0 inch LCD screen
  • a water-resistant casing that allows you to film fascinating water sports; water-resistant up to 30 meters underwater.
  • 12-megapixel HD 170 wide-angle lens.
  • Wi-Fi control range is 3m.
  • Supported Android /Ios APPSupport storage cards up to 32GB maximum(SD card not include) 
  • Multiple video recording formats: 4K/2.7K/1080p/720P

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Something to know about waterproof action cameras!

This camera records 4K only 25FPS, 2.7K only 30FPS. But most PC only accept video 1080P. So we suggest record by 1080P 60FPS, It is best and Most fluent. It’s very good to know that only can be used with a good class 10 Memory card. if not, it can’t be set to 4K and 1080P 60fps

People that bought this product they say that the overall experience that they have is: Good camera with very fast delivery. Simple, right? The rating for this action waterproof camera is 5 from all the users. That is actually exciting. To be honest, I also give a 5-star rating, but for me is because of the variety of colors and price!

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Regarding shipping is worldwide, fast and according to the website in maximum 3 weeks.

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Cardholder or wallet?

credit card that is introduced in pin machine

Did you know that having a cardholder it may be the future? In this blog, we will see it is worth buying a cardholder or a wallet!


What is important to you? I can complete and honestly say that I didn’t use my wallet for more than 3 months now. It’s just simply inconvenient. I’m living in the Netherlands – Amsterdam and here everything works on cards and of course cash – but I don’t necessarily use it. I have a debit card, I have a credit card, I have my driving license card, I have my Albert Heijn discount card and several other cards that simply are important to my job. In short, you may be in a situation where almost everything is being done with a card. Oh… I forgot my NS card ( that means the card that I’m traveling by train) is also a card, actually a very fancy one. So that’s why I decided that the best way to save space and actually have all with me is a cardholder so I bought one.

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I’ve used wallets for many, many years – but growing up, and having different jobs with more responsibility that wallet is getting thicker and thicker – because is so annoying to be in a suit at a party and of course a very nice suit and something in your pockets that is very big and with keys make it very difficult to feel comfortable. I didn’t like it at all.

Now, I have a cardholder – I have everything in there that matters. Exists on the market also options for cardholders where you can put several euros/dollars bills and 1-2 coins.

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Cardholders on aliexpress!

My cardholder was bought from aliexpress – and I want to tell you what you find there!

A simple, cheap solution to look fantastic but also saving space if you use a lot of cards is the one that I ordered and received is called New Cardholder Credit Cardholder New Metal ID Card Holder Anti Rfid Wallet Business Card Holder Wallet For Credit Cards Case 002 such a long name – but powerful. It fits 6 cards and you can buy it in many colors for 1 dollar more you can have also a button. For a budget, cardholder does the job because it only cost me 6 dollars including shipping, that’s amazing in my opinion.

This are the specs for the cardholder:

  • Item Type: Card & ID Holders
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Main Material: PU
  • Use: Credit Card
  • Style: Business
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Closure Type: No Zipper
  • Shape: Box
  • Material Composition: PU+metal
  • Item Weight: 70
  • Item Width: 6.7
  • Item Length: 10
  • Brand Name: FOROCH

Arrived fast and in a good package therefor I’m really satisfied with the shipping methods. The people that bought the same product as me they explain the in the review of the product the same aspects on price, quality, and shipment that beeing excelent.

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I like to see how this world progresses but from what I’ve seen we will pay with card on everything, on every machine. I already do that. It’s a matter of time how fast the other countries will follow up on the example that I just said in Holland. I’ve talked to little on the stylish effect that a nice cardholder has – but in the end, is your choice and your decision what is actually is more important for you. Choose something that you like and worth the money! I like to be comfortable when I walk, there for a cardholder.

De ce sa cumperi produse cu Aloe Vera din Coreea?

Stiati ca si in Coreea sunt producatori de cosmetice cu aloe vera? Puritate,calitate si mai presus de toate un pret avantajos?

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Hai sa vorbim un pic despre aloe vera! Blogul nostru se va axa pe gelul obtinut din din aloe vera, specia Aloe Barbadensis. Sunt foarte multi producatori care in ultimi 10 ani au acoperit piata cu produse de aloe vera cu aloe vera cu o concentratie mare despre aloe vera si asa mai departe.

De ce este asa cunoscuta? Simplu. In trecut a fost folosita intr-o gama foarte larga de boli ale sistemului digestiv pana la tratarea si cauterizare ranilor. Cateva din actiunile pe care aloe vera le are in organism sunt:

  • Contribuie si sustine sanatatea sistemului gastrointestinal
  • Ajuta sistemul imunitar
  • Benefic pentru piele, par si unghii
  • Creste starea generala de bine a organismului
  • Vitamina C din gelul de aloe vera are rol antioxidant si protejeaza celulele impotriva stresului oxidativ.

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Doresti sa stii mai multe despre aloe vera si proprietatile sale? Poti accesa pagina de facebook: Danut Bontas Health Factory! Click aici!

Aloe vera in produse cosmetice din Coreea

Poti cumpara de pe faimosul site aliexpress un set foarte frumos numit: Nature Republic Korean Skin Care Cleaner Moisturizing Set Aloe Vera Gel+Facial Cream Oil Control Acne Remove Face Cream pe engleza – dar in realitate este un pachet complet de ingrijire faciala. Supriza care vreau o sa impartasesc cu voi este ca gelul are 92% concentratie de aloe vera, asta e exceptional – si e foarte bine – Forever Romania vinde cu 99,7 % gel de aloe vera de baut (consum intern) uite aici: ALOE VERA GEL 99,7%

Dar trebuie sa ne amintim ca acesta este un PRODUS COSMETIC si concentratia de aloe vera este EXCEPTIONALA. Hai sa vedem ce contine pachetul:

Descrierea produsului :

  • Acest gel aloe vera, realizat cu 92% lichid primar de aloe vera din Chejudo, Coreea de Sud, elimină în mod eficient roșeața, mâncărimea și alte disconforturi după arsurile solare.
  • Acest gel de aloe vera poate ameliora efectiv toate tipurile de probleme ale pielii cum ar fi uscat, uleios si fragil cauzat de soare, clima si muscaturile de tantari.
  • Acest gel din aloe vera conține extract de aloe vera și bradichininază pentru a preveni acneea și pentru a reduce roșeața și inflamația cauzată de acnee.
  • gelul non-gras aloe vera se poate absorbi cu ușurință în piele, eficient și hidratant.
  • Poate fi folosit și ca o mască, loțiune de corp și cremă de îngrijire a părului pentru o varietate de scopuri.
  • Perioada de valabilitate: 3 ani
  • Se potrivite pentru: toate sezonul și toată pielea
  • Fara alcool.
  • Made in Coreea
  • Pachetul include:
    1 x 300ml Aloe Vera Gel + 1 * 150ml Aloe Spray + 1 x 150ml Aloe Facial Cleanser

Cumpara pachetul cu aloe vera! Click aici!

Sunt foarte multe de spus despre aceasta planta si produsele care deriva de la aceasta. E foarte important atunci cand va decideti sa cumparati un produs sa intelegeti urmatorul aspect: CONCENTRATIA DE ALOE VERA PE CARE PRODUSUL O ARE ESTE VITALA!